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Happiness as a gift.

Oh yes, our beloved MANEKINEKO collection. Pure happiness to touch. Who does not know her? The waving cat. A lucky charm, a special gift - for yourself or a friend a charm which beckons and cheers you on. Our Lucky Family is super popular and due to the incredible color selection we have created, there is something for everyone. Can't get enough of our kittens? No problem. The MANEKINEKO range has just been expanded so that you can always have your favorites with you. As a lucky charm attached to your keychain, as a patch for pimping up your clothes or as a happy food companion for the lunch on the go with the matching and stylish Happiness-in-a-Bottle.

And what could be nicer than giving someone a piece of luck?

Glowing children's eyes.

In our creative workshop we always come up with well-considered, unusual and funny gifts for the kids, so that the DONKEY EFFECT is in no way neglected. And we take special care that the products are child-friendly, playful and robust. Who wasn't happy as a child when the plane came loaded with porridge? Brrrrrr…

Our award-winning children's spoon called Knatter and Zooom have been a popular children's gift for years. However, the Spoonimal collection is just as popular, because which child doesn't love to eat happily with all his favorite animals. And if mom also drapes the beloved vegetables creatively on one of our bamboo plates - what more can the child want? Well, we still have some wonderful gift ideas for the children up our sleeves… but take a look around yourself and put together your own “Magic Moment” package for YOUR very special person.

I could go on forever - telling you stories about each of our products, but who knows, maybe there will be more of them in the future.


"Create your own magic with us."
Your Sandra

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