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Moin! (This is how we say "Hello!" in Hamburg)

We are the DONKEYS! A creative design label. Idea developer and storyteller. A colorful bunch of creative people - always looking for something new and unusual. Donkey has set itself the task of creating exceptional collections to carry wit and charm paired with cool lifestyle products out into the world. With our products, we tell little stories that put a smile on people's faces.

And that's what we call smartly - the DONKEY EFFECT.

What? Never heard of it? Then it is high time that you too become a brand ambassador and pass the DONKEY EFFECT on to others for the love of detail or that you enjoyed it yourself. Ahoy and welcome on board!

Donkey Campus.

We live and design our products in the beautiful city of Hamburg. Just as the famous port here is the gateway to the world - we also work with a large number of dealers who go around the world. Speak different languages. And love international cuisine. But in one regard we are pretty German: In product development - we are stubborn, level-headed and forward-looking. Just like a donkey. Yes, we are.

World Wide Donkey.

Of course, we are always thinking about everyone... We have gift ideas for young and old. Woman and man. Family and friends. Colleagues and neighbors. Nothing beats a creative and unique gift. Let us inspire you in our online shop, which gift best suits you or your loved ones. With us you will always find unusual, crazy, sweet, fantastic gifts for every occasion that are guaranteed to make everyone smile. Isn't that great?

Donkey your home.

Correct! Happiness is also taken care of here, because we have unique lifestyle products for everyone who likes to implement unusual decorative elements in their home. For interior enthusiasts who don't always want to surf the same wave as others. Are fond of design. Want to integrate funny flower pots, special kitchen accessories or unusual lamps in their minimalist living style as eye-catchers. Love and live the individual lifestyle. Celebrate being different and want to express it. Hey do you feel addressed? Then you are exactly right with us.

More than a feeling.

Give away statements! We have not only created great gift items that make statements, but also look really great. Such as our popular summer globes astronauts. They stand for the fact that the sky is far from being the limit. The XXXL pencils for all those for whom the 'average' is not big enough. Or simply loving gifts that contain a message - for people who not only want to carry happiness in themselves, but also like to give it away.

Lucky Ahoy!

Do you want to read more about it? Then jump into the next article with joy...

"Gift joy."
Your Sandra

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