The 10th of May is Mother's Day

by Donkey Products

We should thank our mothers especially this year. Even though it is of wonderful to suddenly have so much time as a family together, it is also an enormous challenge. Others, on the other hand, may not be able to visit their mother, especially on this wonderful day. Everything is different this year. But one thing remains and will never change. We love them all!

Therefore, the following lines are a small tribute to all mothers in the world:

"You are great! A super heroine. Unique and irreplaceable. The very best everyday manager. A dream star chef. A good friend. A mind reader and a healer. A real fighter. The best homework help a child could wish for, especially in this exceptional situation. A real godsend, a woman like no other. Thank you that you exist! "

I put together a few small gift ideas for Mother's Day. Of course it always has to come from the heart, have a certain pinch of humor and contain a loving message. The perfect recipe to make every mother's heart beat faster. ( Click here for the products)

And where does the food taste best? Exactly, at mom's. And since mom likes to be in control, our " Apache " is perfect as a funny Mother's Day gift. Our wooden spoons look great packed in a bouquet. How about a golden key ring? Or will mom get an award this year? Our astronauts are ideal as an "Oscar" replacement. We love our mothers to the moon and back again. And what's the only thing that doubles when you share it? Luck. Have a look at the Lucky Cats. Each color has its own special meaning. For example, green stands for the family and pink for love. Isn't that nice? But since mom is also a real treasure of gold, she could definitely like the special cat in gold. In our Donkey repertoire we also have something for the hardworking gardener. The dear kitchen fairy. For the connoisseur or athlete. Tea lover or Queen of the Universe.

All mothers are so different and yet so equal. What makes her happy? A few nice words, some time and us staying healthy... In this sense:

Stay healthy and happy mother's day!

"Give love."
Yours Sandra

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