Große Bambusliebe

Bamboo Love

by Donkey Products

Donkey is a friend of bamboo. Environmental protection and a sustainable lifestyle are so important, that's why we switched to the barter business with full vigour. Wait what? Barter business? Why don't you swap your car for your bike as often as you can, fight the plastic bags and use cloth bags - banish plastic dishes and enjoy sustainable bamboo.

Bamboo is strong, durable and sustainable. That's why we have deliberately designed wonderful bamboo plates that are just fun to use. Our Bamboo collection contains different products and designs - for young and old. For example, children love to eat their treats on the plates and of course we have the matching Bamboo spoons. The adults, on the other hand, like to use the bamboo plates as a tray for keys. It looks super stylish and is also practical. For the grill masters among us, our grill tongs are an absolute must-have. And as the barbecue season is just around the corner - unbeatable as a Father's Day gift. Bamboo-Wow-Wow.

Wonderful green, green, green is the bamboo.

A few little facts about this great wonder plant:

In the fight against plastic insanity we have therefore chosen bamboo as an alternative for some of our products. Bamboo is the recyclable top star in the sky of renewable resources and provides many reasons to think it is great. We felt the need to become active, to make a contribution and want to help everyone to live more sustainably.

Unfortunately, trees die when they are felled - that is completely different with bamboo. Bamboo has a large underground root system from which new plants grow constantly. Again and again new shoots are formed and this at a remarkable growth rate. There are even some species that reach seven centimetres within an hour when growing. You could virtually watch it grow.

Because of the incredible growth, bamboo stores a lot of CO2 compared to trees. This is great for our ecosystem and protects our climate. And because it is a natural product, bamboo is biodegradable. Bamboo is a popular raw material for everyday and furnishing objects. It is hard, robust and at the same time light and elastic.

In the latest Maneki-Neko collection we have also given our Happy-Food companions a little bamboo touch. The lid of the glass bottle as well as the lunch box is made of bamboo - which by the way is also a practical cutting board for the box. You're still missing a few cool chopsticks - no problem. Our 'Yummy' is also made of this wonderful material and has a wonderful function. It makes it easier for you to eat delicious Sushi, for example. Are you also such a big bamboo fan?

"Mit Herz frü die Umwelt."
Eure Sandra

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