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    Für mehr Spaß am Lernen haben sich die Donkeys viele schöne Produkte ausgedacht. Humorvolle Federtaschen, kreative Notizbücher oder riesige Bleistifte für extra große Ideen. 

    Die Donkeys sind große Eis-Fans. Kein Wunder, Wer schleckt denn nicht gerne im Sommer eis und innig an einer kalten Erfrischung? Daher haben wir in unserer Kollektion viele sommerliche Produkte, die täuschend echt zum Anbeißen aussehen.
  • Bamboo Love

    Donkey is a friend of bamboo. Environmental protection and a sustainable lifestyle are so important, that's why we switched to the barter business with full vigour. Wait what? Barter business?...
  • The 10th of May is Mother's Day

    We should thank our mothers especially this year. Even though it is of wonderful to suddenly have so much time as a family together, it is also an enormous challenge. Others, on the other hand, may not be able to visit their mother, especially on this wonderful day. Everything is different this year. But one thing remains and will never change. We love them all!


    Happiness as a gift.

    Oh yes, our beloved MANEKINEKO collection. Pure happiness to touch. Who does not know her? The waving cat. A lucky charm, a special gift - for yourself or a friend a charm which beckons and cheers you on.


    Moin! (This is how we say "Hello!" in Hamburg)

    We are the DONKEYS! A creative design label. Idea developer and storyteller. A colorful bunch of creative people - always looking for something new and unusual. Donkey has set itself the task of creating exceptional collections to carry wit and charm paired with cool lifestyle products out into the world.