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Gift ideas for New Year's Eve - with good luck into 2021

by Catherine Martin

Dear Donkey Friends, 

wow, what a year! Most of you are surely glad that 2020 is slowly coming to an end. To start 2021 with a little more joy and happiness, we have compiled a few lucky charms and New Year gifts for you. 

Gift ideas for New Year's Eve & New Year

A marzipan pig again? In addition to a cloverleaf, lucky pig and chimney sweeper, there are other creative gift ideas you can give away for the new year. We have a few inspirations for you!

Lucky Cats

Winkekatzen bunt

Our colorful waving cat not only wave good luck into the new year, they also come with different meanings. So mint green brings health & confidence, pink ensures more love & romance. To whom family & community is particularly important, should get a cat in green into the house. Anyone who is writing exams this year should definitely go to the light blue cat, because this stands for intelligence & academic success. 

To those who want to choose their own meaning for their cat are well advised with our "Iconic Cat". With 16 colorful stickers included, you can assign your cat your own meaning that suits you - or even get creative yourself. Available in black, red and white. 

Iconic Winkekatze

For those who already own a waving cat, we've added a few more items to the Maneki Neko collection. Carry happiness with you with a keychain at all times or write your wishes and dreams in one of our notebooks (with flipbook included).


Every year, the same thing. We choose many things at the beginning of the year that we want to change or implement. And already before the beginning of the 2nd half of the year we have left a large part of these resolutions behind us. We want to put an end to that now. Our Darumas will help you achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. The magical wish granter are first occupied with a wish, resolution or goal and a pupil is painted. This fixes the wish and the Daruma can be placed in a location where you will be reminded of your intention daily. 
Once the wish is then fulfilled or the plan implemented, the second pupil may be painted out. 

If you want to see again how exactly our Darumas work is here a little video to explain. 

Daruma magic wish granter

And clearly, the more Darumas with 2 eyes you have, the happier you are.

Financial injection for the new year
With financial security into the new year? Small monetary support can be given away quite wonderfully in our Financial Injection

Financial Injection Gift Wrap

You still can't decide?
On Pinterest we've put together a few inspiration boards on various topics. Take a look there and already browse which Donkey product should be on your wish list next year. 

Good luck, love, health & success for 2021! 

"Happy new Year"

Your Catherine

P.S.: My highlight product for the new year? Our "Hangover Glass" - definitely the thing to have after a boozy New Year's Eve!

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