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We are a design label. We are an ideas agency. We are product developers. We are storytellers.

The Donkeys are a colorful bunch of creative people. We could best be called pioneers. Like pioneers, we research the everyday in search of something special and use it to create product ideas that the world has never seen before - with love and passion.
This is how high design standards meet foresight and of course: joy.

Florian Berger is at the heart and soul of DONKEY - as the off spring of a family with a long lasting tradition in gift items, he spent his wild years building a successful design and advertising agency ( ). Then he finally gave in, to the call growing louder in his heart, and followed his family tradition. This time, however, with his own donkey family. The world once called this "inherited creativity".

Every Donkey product tells a little story. For the past 12 years we have been able to develop extraordinary collections again and again - packed with enjoyment of life. Our declared goal is to put a smile on people's faces with our products and stories. When this happens, we call it the "donkey effect".

We are pretty German when it comes to product development: we are stubborn, level-headed and forward-looking. Just like an donkey. But we also have this one other thing and it's called: fun!
And this is how they are created, our product innovations - made for all curious, design-conscious, interested and cosmopolitan people.

We always manage to think one step further and always master our challenges with a lot of energy and creativity. During the lock-down, we relocated our capacities within 4 weeks, formed a strong team internally and launched a new online shop.

But others can also benefit from our creative energies. With our 2nd mainstay &MYLK we develop innovative products, concepts, brands and strategies - for external customers. We always think one step further and create little experiences even from everyday things.

Here is a nice article in furniture culture about our pop-up store in KaDeWe Berlin:

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