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Gift Ideas by Donkey

Gift ideas by Donkey Products are spectacular. Whenever you give a donkey present, you will enjoy delight of giving. The creative heads of Donkey work almost around the clock on new unique gifts, which you have never seen before. With great attention to detail and inspiration from all over the world, all gift ideas are specially designed by Donkey. Each colorful Eggwarmer, every crazy metal sign and every unique wine stopper once celebrated birth in the hallowed halls of a creative workshop.

donkey-gruppenbild-klein3Florian Berger founded Donkey Products in 2008. As the son of a family who has been working in the giftware business for years, Florian is full of passion about original gifts. This is what he shares with the whole Donkey family, which has grown considerably since the first day. Today a small team works in our Donkey Creative Lab to develop small gift ideas that enrich the lives of the recipient in various ways. With a lot of energy we follow our great vision create unique gifts.

Discover new and unusual gifts! From bike bags to a fun Pen-Cake-pencil case for school you will find as many gift ideas as you can think of. 

What can I give?

Special gifts are hard to find. Hours of searching for the right present can cause you a bad headache and far too many worries. Therefore, Donkey takes the task to find funny gifts for you. Each of our gifts is fun, creative, exceptional, original and personal. This is exactly what we stand for: something special! We develop gifts for everyone, forever and for everywhere. One thing our gifts have in common? They bring a smile on your face.

What exactly are creative, fun and unusual gifts?

Every gift is unique. We love our job, and that is why we try to make the best out of something ordinary.
Fun gifts: Funny gifts bring a smile on everyones' faces. The special thing about funny gifts is their entertainment value. They immediately spread good mood. But beware: Almost every single gift in our shop is funny, because after all we have the best people working on fun and entertaining products.
Creative gifts: Creativity is the biggest criteria for us. The Donkey team researches great ideas leading to creative gifts of all kinds.
Original gifts: The original gift is simply original. It's clever and enriching everyday life. And that's where we find our inspiration. Gifts like the office pillow are just perfect for your everyday working routine or the lunchbox in various designs lift the spirit
Extraordinary gifts: Unusual gifts are our very special gift tip. All gifts from Donkey are exceptional. With us you'll find things you have never seen before.
Small gifts: Less is more! Small gifts are defined either by its price (low) or their size (not big). Small gift ideas are our specialties for the joy in between.
Personal gifts: The personal gift is loaded with passion, which means that all our items are personal gifts. You will fall in love with every detail.

Who loves our gifts?


  • What do women wish for? Women especially love presents that come from the heart. Luckily Donkey gifts are always very personal. The pistol soap Pink Lady, the bike bag for cold prosecco or a cool Cookie Cutter will be perfect for any type of girl. 
  • What do men wish for? Men are happy about every kind of presents, still they like some better than the others. Men are always up for a joke and thus for funny gifts. For all male workaholics we strongly recommend the office cushion.
  • What do kids wish for? Kids love gifts! Therefore, we think almost constantly about new gift items for your offspring and godchildren. Our onlineshop will develop not tired You will find gifts like a wooden laptop, Tattoo Watches or our batch box for children to prepare a unique joy for the young.
  • What does your father like? Fancy wine stoppers for the gourmet-lovers or a Father's Day bike bag are just two must have items for cool dads.
  • Suprise your mother! Mothers always deserve the best. Your mom has a green thumb? We have great Flowerpower flower pots for them. Delight your mom with one of our unique gifts.
  • Your friend is a great guy? Then he has also earned extraordinary gifts.
  • To your girlfriend it's usually important to give a special gifts. The wants to lose weight and has a great sense of humor? Then reach for our diet service. She is romantic? Treat her with Candles to go.

Why gifts are so important!

wichtige-geschenke2Because they show your loved ones that you really like them. Gifts are important because they celebrate someone special and great events in their lives.

  • What makes a really good gift? A good gift comes from the heart. With passion and energy. A good gift is the rainbow after the storm, the first tulip after the winter, the peak of the mountain of joy ... it's just amazing!
  • What to say about gifts from the giver? A great gift turns you into superman (or superwoman). You create an incredibly fine moment of happiness! We think you're great! And here is to you.
  • Cool gifts? They trigger a hurricane of feelings of happiness. A gift is joy for everyone.
  • The question is: Why do you make any gifts? If you have carefully read this so far, you know that Donkey gifts are for the ones who definitely deserve one. 

How about the time of delivery?

geschenkversandRegular gift delivery by mail depends on your shipping address. How do we send our gifts? Our deliveries get shipped within 24 hours after the order was placed. We ship worldwide and bring our gifts directly to your home.

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