Lucky Cat Large | Lilac
Lucky Cat Large | Lilac
Lucky Cat Large | Lilac

Lucky Cat Large | Lilac

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The waving cat in the color Lilac brings you optimism. With 30 cm height, the Lucky Cat Large has a lot to offer and is the perfect gift for anyone who needs a huge portion of luck.

The Japanese talisman has a legendary origin story and has enjoyed great popularity for centuries. The coin he carries stands for "SEN MAN RYOU", which means 10 million gold pieces for you. As a good luck charm, Maneki Neko cats always stand by their owners side as loyal companions.

Psst...By the way, the Lucky Cat Large is also available in black, yellow or white.

The color Lilac stands for optimism.

Material: Plastic
Color: Purple / Lilac
Size: 16 x 14 x 30 cm
Weight: approx. 550 g
Item No.: 330547

Requires 3 x AA Mignon (not included)