von Catherine Martin

“Smile, it’s free therapy“ – Douglas Horton

For 2022 we have one big resolution: To smile more! Even during the most challenging times, a little smile works wonders for your mindset and makes the biggest obstacles a little bit smaller.

There’s a good reason why this topic is so dear to our heart: After all, we are a design label which specializes in urban gifts. Smile-inducing presents which might also create a grin on your face have been our mission for more than 12 years now.

Because at the end of the day, it’s the little things which make our lives a little bit better and definitely a lot more colorful.

This is why we have partnered with SMILEY® to bring this message in a new collection packed with joie de vivre to put you in a good mood.

SMILEY®, born in 1972, is a lifestyle brand. Like us, they know how big the impact of a small smile can be. Today, 50 years later, their message “Take The Time To Smile” is as important as ever.

The collection consists of eight products, which each bring good vibes in their very special way to your home.

The “Smiley® Summerglobe Positive Mind” is not only a uplifting piece of decoration, which boosts your mood every time you give it a shake and watch the glitter dance – it’s also the most beautiful paperweight in the world!

Also a very special companion for your everyday life: The Smiley® Summerglobe "The Astronaut" He will always be there to keep you company and encourage you to smile back – serving as a reminder to keep a positive state of mind.

A Donkey Products classic can also be found in the new collection! Our Maneki Neko cats present themselves as “Lucky Charm Cats” in the colors peach and yellow. But there’s more! Each Cat is wearing a Smiley® necklace which serves as a cute bracelet. That way, you’ll be able to have the luck on your side wherever you go.

We have also prepared something for you in case you get bored: The “Jigsaw Puzzle – Peace by Piece” will definitely test your peace of mind and keep you occupied. But we can also assure you: Perhaps you have a smile on your face when you finish the puzzle. Piece by piece, a beautiful 70s Smiley® pattern emerges.

Last but not least, we have a product worth collecting: The “Positive Mind Mugs are available in three different designs: Flowers, Smiley® & Sun. All off them combined create a set which is guaranteed to boost your mood in the morning and will raise a smile even from the night owls out there in need of motivation at the start of the day.

Have a look at the SMILEY® for DONKEY collection – you’ll definitely notice how wonderful a small nudge for a smile can be.

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